The Way of Jodo Shinshu
Reflections on the Hymns of Shinran Shonin

About 'The Way of Jodo Shinshu'

This website began its life in 2000 under the title Notes on the Nembutsu. Its purpose is to celebrate, as well as possible, the Hymns of Shinran. Shinran is the founder of the great Jodo Shinshu school of Buddhism.

The hymns form a part of daily observances and are sung in Jodo Shinshu temples and homes, but they commonly also provide the basis for Dharma talks, as they do here.

The original reason for developing this website as a series of essays on each of Shinran's hymns was with a view to encouraging other fellow-Australians to consider Jodo Shinshu for themselves. But the website has had a very broad readership around the world and continues to do so.

About the author

George Gatenby is an ordained minister (1994) of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha school of Buddhism. He is always happy to discuss Buddhism with anyone who is interested. His phone number is 0403 335 721 (Int'l. +614 0333 5721). If you would like his email address, please send a text with a request for it.

George first encountered Jodo Shinshu in the mid-1970s and adopted it as his way a year or two later.

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