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Adelaide Shin Buddhist Dojo

Where to find out more about Shin Buddhism

There are tens of thousands of Shin Buddhist temples, and many of those have web-sites. There is also a large number of related web-sites, which cover topics associated with Shin Buddhism or other Pure Land schools.

Here is a very short list of sites and books that we especially recommend as a starting-point.


  1. Nishi Hongwanji
    Head temple of Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha (School of Shin Buddhism)
  2. Jodo Shinshu Correspondence Course
    This on-line course is of excellent quality and suitable for seekers, new-comers and long term practicers.


  1. Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia
    The headquarters of the Australian Shin Buddhist Sangha
  2. Muryoko 'Infinite Light' Journal of Shin Buddhism
    This is one of the most comprehensive web sites on the topic of Shin Buddhism in the world. It is edited by Rev John Paraskevopoulos of Canberra, who has also published several books on Shin Buddhism:
    (i) Call of the Infinte: The way of Shin Buddhism;
    (ii) The Unhindered Path: Ruminations on Shin Buddhism
    (iii) The Fragrance of Light: A Journey Into Buddhist Wisdom.
    All are available at the Bookstore of the Buddhist Churches of America
  3. Notes on the Nembutsu
    Reflections of the Hymns of Shinran. This site includes The Udumbara Flower, a current blog, updated weekly.